the solution for amplified music noise complaints.

Jbn Sound Ceiling.

Solve Noise Complaints from amplified sound.

The Jbn Sound Ceiling delivers proven amplified sound reductions of 10dbc noise indoors and a 15dbc noise reduction outdoors. Find out about the proven noise reductions.

Sound Solution products and installations.

With a club threatened by closure due to noise complaints from amplified sound, Tradgarden selects and installs the Jbn Sound Ceiling.

Flood your audience in sound, and keep your music pumping.

As cities continue to expand, noise complaints continue rise. Clubs, venues, rooftops, resorts are threatened with complaints and closure. See how you can playing longer and louder with the    

Jbn Sound Ceiling

About Jbn

Made in Sweden. 

Jbn's global engineering and manufacturing headquarters is located near  Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

Jbn Sound Solutions Pty Ltd Australia, services and supports Australia, NZ, Asia, Americas.

Jbn Sound Solutions supports and services US, Canada, & South America.

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