About Us


How We Began.

Jbn was created out of a need and developed through a passion. When sound Engineer Jan Naslund was pursuing his love of music and playing in bands throughout Europe, he came across live venues that were forced to close early as the music propagated out from the audience and into neighbouring areas. This became unacceptable to many. Venues were forced to closed early and in some cases stop playing music. It was through this problem that Jan created the Jbn Sound Ceiling, covering the audience in amplified sound and not the neighbours. Today with over 4,500 installations around the world Jbn continues to lead in directional amplified sound systems. 


How does it help my environment?

Environmentally the Jbn Sound Ceiling provides a sound reduction of 10 dB only 10 feet from the edge of the system, which equates to half the volume we experience through our hearing. The Jbn product protects neighbouring areas from problems and complaints arising from load music. It is exceptional at reducing the transmission of low frequency, that great base thump of music.  

Less Power Consumption, great for the environment and reduced operating costs. The efficiency of the sound ceiling allows for the use of much lower powered amplifiers whilst still providing high volume and SPL up to 125 dbc.


How Does it Help your venue?

A Jbn sound system lets you play louder and longer without disturbing the neighbours. Imagine playing double the volume (10bc increase) of how we here and not being shut down? Imagine being able to run your venue at the same level now without being restricted or closed? We invite you join the sound revolution and keep entertainment pumping.